Change attitude to change altitude

Consider losing time to gain more

Nurturing the Self liberates positive energy. The integration of emotional factors into the business performance equation initiates a generative process that paves the way to new possibilities.


How much do you value the non-verbal and the intangible in your business success factors? This issue lies at the core of both “generative” leadership and our concern.

Chief Operating Officer of a private bank

“Before starting with this introspective work, I had never heard about “generative change”. I was certainly open to the idea that our beliefs influence our actions and behaviors. Being able to touch this space and reclaim it so that it supports my objective achievement has been an inspiring journey and a transforming experience”

Business Executive Officer of a division in a FMCG company

“The work around perceptions enabled to address, in a structured and professional way, emotionally sensitive questions in a respectful atmosphere. Thus, by systematically integrating our business themes in the discussions, we have managed to better differentiate between tangible and intangible aspects and integrate them, quickly and pragmatically, into our action plans”

HR Director of a department in a public administration

“Maia and Olivier’s work allowed the team members to take a look inside themselves, their way of functioning and personal behavior, and wonder about their own habits and expectations vis-à-vis others; this work established a relevant framework for business relationship by emphasizing the importance of the word clarity and demands without transferring the weight of emotions and expectations to others”

Some of our clients

  • An international sport organization
  • A universal bank private banking division
  • A leading private bank
  • A regional private bank
  • A fast moving consumer goods multinational
  • A public administration
  • A big regional bank
  • A leading insurance company
  • A construction and real estate service company
  • A semi-public institution
  • A leading kitchen designer
  • A people service company