Passion is a fantastic trigger

It is sourced by commitment

Things that we cannot change might change us. It often takes a little something, a new perspective or a cognition that change comes primarily from one’s attitude.

We know how to create the conditions for
… establishing a secure space within and around you and your company
… getting the proper buy-in for developing a common vision
… reconnecting to the individual and collective strength, talent and creativity
… having solutions emerge
… pollinating emotional success factors throughout the organization

Executive coaching

Reconnecting with your authentic (generative) leadership and allowing strength and genuine intentions be reflected in your attitude, way of interacting and actions.

Personal development

Becoming aware of the impact of your behaviour on the environment and dropping some holdbacks to reconnect with your talent

Conflict resolution & mediation

Listening carefully and exchanging calmly in a safe space; enabling antagonistic positions to converge to gain trust; finding together the biggest common denominator to generate a win-win situation

Team alignment

Bringing out the group intelligence by enhancing and experimenting individual and collective strengths, limits and complementarities. The resulting alignment paves the way for the joint development of solutions

Collective transformation

Accompanying a change of attitude within management team, a department or the entire organization. Making sense out of each contribution and integrating emotional success factors into the business value chain to gain height

Training & Conferences

Raising awareness of a group to the different emotional success factors and explore how to nurture them. Great attention is paid to the individual’s prototypical behaviour within the professional environment as well as to the quality of the relationship to the Other