Success is an attitude

What’s going on ?

Fatigue ? Annoyance ? Tension ? Confrontation ? Resignation ? Stress ? Dysfunction ? Obstruction ? Burn out? …


What about approaching it from the perspective of the relational dynamics ?


We bring our expertise in relational dynamics to boost the success of your business organization

Why us?

Daring gaining height with your teams by incorporating behavioral & relational success factors into the business equation

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Our offering to gain height


Welcoming to re-generate the desire and energy to contribute in a relaxed work environment

Conflict resolution

Developping a win-win situation by exchanging calmly

Team alignment

Bringing out cohesion and collective intelligence

Collective transformation (change management)

Fostering change with an generative attitude

Training & Conferences

Raising awareness about the company’s behavioral & relational success factors and their impact on the business

Executive coaching

Reconnecting with the authentic (generative) leadership

Personal development

Dropping the holdbacks and setting the talent free

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Our commitment

In simplicity lies power. We are committed to provide you with simple keys to serenely dare

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Behind the scene

When we love what we do, we do it with passion

Meet Olivier d’Eternod – Initiator

Meet Maia Wentland – Pollinator

Meet Bernhard Schmithüsen – Counsellor

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What they say about us